The Extruders is the initial point of the quality production. Our extruders are designed to achieve best plastification and sustainable production. During the extrusion process, the extruder define chemical and physical quality.

  • Energy efficiency

  • Employee and Equipment Safety

  • Production Quality


Polyolefins are most consumed thermoplastics in the world. The Adremac single screw extruders have been designed to give high quality experience to customers. The special Screw and Barrel Design, choosing best components and long years experiences created ADREX Series.

Smart Touches on designing and experince made a perfection. All ADREX Series extruders provides, high energy saving, less maintenence and non stop production.

Tip / TypeØ (mm)L/DKg/sVida Screw (kg/h)
ADREX 353528-3735-60SINGLE SCREW
ADREX 454533-3760-100SINGLE SCREW
ADREX 606033-37150-280SINGLE SCREW
ADREX 656533-37240-300SINGLE SCREW
ADREX 753733-37400-500SINGLE SCREW
ADREX 909033-37600-800SINGLE SCREW
ADREX 11011033-37750-1200SINGLE SCREW


Choosing a conical and parallel design of a PVC extruder is delicately for customers’ production and production manners. Especially PVC production is more complicated than Polyolefins. ADREX series PVC extruders makes production simplier.

Tip / TypeØ (mm)L/DKapasite / Capacity PE (kg/h)Vida / Screw (kg/h)
ADREX -68/25D6825200Paralel / Parallel
ADREX -75/28D7528300Paralel / Parallel
ADREX 92/28D9228600Paralel / Parallel
ADREX 107/28D10728700Paralel / Parallel
ADREX 65/13265250Konik / Conical
ADREX 80/15680500Konik / Conical
ADREX 92/18892750Konik / Conical