State-of-the-art control systems are used in belling machines developed with great precision to ensure high capacity and production quality in the belling process for making pipe connections in PVC and PP pipe systems.

  • The belling machines are most complicated elements of the extrusion line. The belling machine needs perfection on design and working experience.
  • ADVANCE BELL belling machines are on service long years arround the Europe with a non stop working. International well know brand equipment, perfect desing and knowledge makes belling machine works smoothly.
  • Internal cooling plates on movement zones avoid from thermal expansion and make smooth movement. Spin heataters with a special desing mandrells and surroundly heat homogeneously and formed the pipe.
  • Adjustable lower table and wire draw encoders make perfect position control.
Name Ø (mm) Heating
Pipe Forming
Pipe Forming
Pipe Forming
ADVANCE BELL MONO 32 – 110 1 1 1 1 PP & PVC
ADVANCE BELL DUO 32 – 110 2 2 2 1 PP & PVC
ADVANCE BELL TRIO 32 – 200 3 3 2 1 – 2 PP & PVC