Adremac Pipe Haul Offs are specially designed for consistent pipe extrusion.

Caterpillar and Belt type haul offs transformative belt design and rope on top additions gives comfortable pipe extrusion.

  • High wear resistance materials of the pallets and belts
  • Individually motor control
  • Easy synchronization
  • Remote control additions
Type Diameter Range Number of Pallets
PIPE HAUL OFF – 40 10 – 40 2
PIPE HAUL OFF – 63 16 – 63 2
PIPE HAUL OFF – 125 20 – 125 2
PIPE HAUL OFF – 160 32 – 160 3
PIPE HAUL OFF – 250 50 – 250 4
PIPE HAUL OFF – 400 90 – 400 6
PIPE HAUL OFF – 630 90 – 630 6
PIPE HAUL OFF – 800 200 – 800 8
PIPE HAUL OFF  – 1000 250 – 1000 10

Ropeontop™ (Optional)

With the Ropeontop™ add-on, it enables the line to be operated with much faster, more practical and much shorter guide pipes at the first start of the line, especially in large diameter pipe productions. With its external control system, works synchronously with the Haul Off, will be your best assistant in large diameter pipe productions.

With the option of Wireless control gives flexible working.


    Adremac Machinery, as standard equipment, provides remote connection and ease of intervention to the machines when necessary, while it makes it easier to detect and intervene all kinds of mechanical and operational problems instantly with ARPlus™. Adremac ARPlus provides many of our customers with a new generation support experience.

  • Fast Spare Parts

    As Adremac, the equivalents of all equipment that are likely to malfunction are kept in our stocks and stand by to provide the fastest service in any possible malfunction.

  • Energy efficiency

    All our machines are designed to use energy and natural resources in the most efficient way with the most efficient equipment and technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

  • Synchronization

    As Adremac Makine, we offer our customers the most accurate and stable operation with our automation unit. Our machines, which can be easily synchronized to many different systems, are designed to achieve perfection independently and as a system.